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What makes Summers Event Rentals Different? 

We know there are a lot of amazing options out there when it comes to wood tables, benches, and bars. But we think we have a unique look and ability to make your special day as perfect as possible. 

Every part of our tables are handcrafted and created with the best design and quality of wood possible. Part of that design process was realizing that our tables are going to be on every surface type of surface in the PNW- concrete, sand, gravel, grass, hills, you name it. Because our tables are unique in their size and weight, we took measures to ensure that our clients would never have to worry about shaky tables ruining the day. 



All of our tables are level-able. That means that with every table that our clients rent, we make sure that they are sturdy, level, and as perfect as possible. We take so much pride in being able to adjust our tables and believe that our ability to adjust the table legs make our rentals some of the most unique in the PNW.

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