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Frequently Asked

1. Can we pick up and drop off the rentals?

 A. No. At this time only SER staff can drop off and pick up the rentals. 

2. Do you charge set up fees and/or mileage?

 A. We do not charge fees to set up. Our mileage fees amount to $1/mile from our location to the event (i.e. Seattle is 70 miles from us, your mileage charge would be $70.)

3. How wide are the tables?

 A. The table widths vary due to both the width of the slabs and the live-edge. The average width is 30". 

4. How many people fit per table?

 A. 8 people fit on our 8' tables with our benches. If you add chairs to the ends, you can fit 10. Similarly with our 10' tables, 10 people fit on our benches, 12 with chairs on the end.

5. How many people fit per bench?

 A. 4-5.

6. Can I use a table as a bar, gift table, dessert table, etc? Does that change the price?

 A. Yes you can, and no it does not. We also have bar height legs that can be used on any of our tables for bars or decorative tables for no additional cost. 

7. Why does set up/take down take at least an hour with tables?

 A. Our tables are 3-4" slab live edge tables that weigh at least 150 lbs each. We take our time inserting the table legs and making sure the tables are as stable as possible. Our legs are levelable, and we take our time making sure they are level and solid. Our goal is to have them set up and stable well before your other vendors arrive on site.

8. Can we move the rentals after you leave?

 A. As long as the terms of the contract are followed, benches, wine barrel cocktail tables, and the wine barrel bar may be moved. Tables, if moved, might not be stable. If you choose to move the tables and they are unlevel in any way, that is not Summers Event Rentals' responsibility. It is our preference that the tables are not moved after we have left. 


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